Study in France



France is a popular study abroad destination. The high-quality education, inexpensive tuition, and pleasurable French lifestyle are its main benefits.

French universities

French higher education is world-class. France has dozens of top-ranked universities. École Normale Supérieure, Polytechnique, Pierre and Marie Curie University, and Paris-Sud are well-known universities.

France has many of Europe’s top MBA programs. HEC Paris, Insead, ESCP Europe (which has campuses internationally), and Edhec Business School are examples.

French tuition

France offers world-class education at affordable public university tuition. EEA and Swiss citizens and permanent residents can study tuition-free (save for an immatriculation payment of roughly 200 euros per year), but students from outside Europe must pay 3,000 to 4,000 euros per year at public universities. Private universities often charge 20,000 euros each year. Read our complete guide on French tuition fees.

School life

France has a good standard of living, and studying there will change your life.

France has something for everyone—not just wine and cheese lovers. You’ll find a place to stay whether you like cities, mountains, or the Mediterranean. Paris is attractive and urban. Marseille and Montpellier have summer beaches on the Mediterranean. Rennes and Nantes are near harsh Atlantic beaches. Grenoble and Lyon are near the Alps.

Speaking French

Even if you study in France in English, learn French. Because you will need French in your daily life and learn a beautiful language that lets you speak to 270 million people in approximately 30 nations. Many French people speak English, but they prefer their native language and appreciate outsiders who try. Even if it’s only “je ne comprends pas” (I don’t understand).

France post-graduation

If you want to stay in France after earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the French language is a major obstacle. French fluency is almost often required to get work. However, overseas students can start their careers in France after graduation more easily than in other European countries.

Arriving and navigating

If you study in Paris, don’t worry—direct flights are available worldwide. Paris Orly is Europe’s second-busiest airport after Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). From there, several domestic flight and train connections allow you to access any area of France.

While studying in France, you will enjoy exploring Europe. The UK lies just across the Channel from Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain, making it ideal for short excursions.


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