Study in India



Nepali students have always flocked to India to pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees. Every year, thousands of Nepalese students travel to India in search of better educational opportunities.

The two countries have a long history of mutual respect and cooperation, making India an attractive study abroad option for students from Nepal.

Both the culture and the religion of these countries are similar to the other.

India’s recent economic expansion has drawn many foreign corporations to set up shop, leading to a huge surge in the need for new workers.

The enormous Indian market provides ample opportunity for educated Nepalese graduates.

India is a secular nation, where all religions are given equal treatment and respect. No one will bother you if you try to preach or practice your faith.

There are around seven million Nepalese people working in various capacities across India.

Around 40,000 valiant Nepali Gurkha warriors have been hired by the Indian government to guard India’s borders.

There is no need for a visa for citizens of either country to travel to the other.


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